Thesis Update

I started developing my master thesis idea more than a year ago. This autumn the project in progress was presented at the 8th ENYSSP Workshop. Today I have a strong vision and rich data. What worries me is the actual writing part. I can’t get to starting it! This is largely due to my perfectionist tendencies…

My friend and colleague says in order to overcome this issue I have to write write write and not look back until it’s written. However, it’s sometimes difficult to even put a single sentence on paper if it’s not nice from the very beginning! In sport psychology we teach perfectionists to learn to tolerate imperfection, start feeling comfortable with it. That only comes through practice of doing imperfect things and not judging yourself. I guess it’s high time I start applying sport psychology on myself 🙂

Another issue… Why do computers always break when I need to write a thesis?? I wrote my bachelor’s thesis on a 10 inch netbook that was crashing with blue screens every 20min. Now a fairly new laptop has a likely unfixable hinge problem that makes it extremely dangerous to fold it. So I should be avoiding carrying it with me to university. Working at home is not an option due to inconsiderably noisy flatmates. Therefore, I’ll keep folding the laptop and hope it won’t fall apart till I borrow a backup netbook from my boyfriend. Hope it all goes well!



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