Inside the ‘Run Like a Girl’ Myth

‘Run/throw/hit like a girl’ is commonly understood as an insult. But little girls don’t think that way. To them ‘like a girl’ means fast, strong and accurate. Only later, at the sensitive time of puberty, the idiotic myths and stereotypes get to them. It makes them doubt their abilities and discourage from certain activities (e.g., sports) altogether. Why can’t ‘like a girl’ mean good, fast, strong, skilful, competent, effortful, awesome? Why can’t ‘run like a girl’ mean win the race?

Myth Busters also investigate the ‘throw like a girl’ myth, and argue that gender differences in throwing skill level are not innate but due to training.

So if girls trained as much as boys, the skill level would be the same. Too bad girls are being discouraged from sports by ‘like a girl’ and plenty of other myths. Maybe it’s time to stop perpetuating them and just let the girls play?


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